Stress managament

This course is based on the latest techniques in cognitive therapy and neurolinguistic programming and is for anyone who is constantly experiencing stress and cannot find ways to deal with it effectively. This course is universal, professional, and practical, so the source of stress is irrelevant. During this course, you will assess your stress level, personal stressors, and long-term consequences, and you will improve your stress management competencies & learn effective ways to overcome stress.
All Levels
2h 50m

Language: Lithuanian


Enrolment validity: 120 days

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

5.00(1 Ratings)

Enrolment validity: 120 days

14-Days Money-Back Guarantee

5.00(1 Ratings)

What you'll learn

  • How to notice stress in yourself and others;
  • What are physical, emotional, and cognitive signs of stress;
  • You will learn to distinguish between good and bad stress;
  • You will become familiar with external and internal stressors;
  • Long-term consequences of stress and possible behavioral changes;
  • You will learn more about effective and ineffective ways of coping with stress;
  • You will get acquainted with the latest change management technique;
  • You will understand the mechanism of stress and learn to reduce it yourself;
  • Most importantly, you will learn and be able to apply effective ways to overcome stress.

This course includes:

  • Practical strategies, techniques & methods;
  • Certificate of completion;
  • Access to the discussions forum (ask the lecturer);
  • 120 days access to the course.


49 Lessons2h 50m

Introduction to the stress and what are the symptoms

Short survey
Definition of stress00:02:10
Mechanisms of stress00:02:08
Stages of body’s response to stress00:03:19
Physical symptoms of stress00:01:10
Emotional signs of stress00:02:40
Cognitive symptoms of stress00:03:45
Long-term effects of stress00:02:58
Behavioral effects of stress00:02:22
The first exercise and summary of the topic00:01:05

Introduction to the good and bad stress, positive, negative & internal stressors

Coping strategies for stress (effective and ineffective & etc.)


Who this course is for:

  • For people who feel constant stress at work or at home;
  • For professional or caregiver burn-out prevention and intervention.
  • For those who are worried about the war in Ukraine, pandemic, or other situations;
  • For people who have digestive problems and suffer from psychosomatic disorders such as persistent headaches or abdominal pain;
  • For anyone with eating disorders such as emotional eating or emotional fasting;
  • For people with memory, concentration, and insomnia problems;
  • For perfectionists surviving high levels of stress.


  • None.


The pace of life in modern society is relentless. We each experience a constant high level of stress due to the pressure of the social environment and the inner expectation to be successful, rich, and happy. However, not everyone has a wealth of rich and effective ways to deal with stress.

Some of us don’t even seem to feel stress anymore as it becomes the norm. So why should we reduce stress levels? During stress, it is difficult to concentrate, remember, the productivity of our activities decreases, we make poor quality decisions, therefore our career is affected. We also become irritable, rougher, have difficulty resting, may suffer from insomnia, and suffer from relationships at work and in our personal life.

Our body is not adapted to long-term stress, so in the long run, our health suffers as well. Stress is a major contributor to occupational burnout and a hidden source of psychosomatic, chronic illness. Psychologists and doctors believe this is the leading cause of stroke, heart attack, and accidents.


Loreta Vaičaitytė

Psychologist - Life Coach - Hypnotherapist

Over 15 years in psychology: 15+ Master of Psychology; 15+ Master of Human Resource Development; 10+ Career, leadership & personal effectiveness Trainer & Life Coach; 5+ Strategic Intervention Coach (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Neuro-linguistic programming, mindfulness); 2+ Hypnotherapist.
5.00 (1 ratings)

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